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Chumpi Stones - Medium $100.00

Comma is pleased to offer hand-carved one-of-a-kind Peruvian items fashioned of alabaster.

Chumpi stones - sold in sets of 7 (one for each chakra) come from the Sacred Valley around Cusco.

Used to install rites, balance chakras and for their mystical and healing properties, these powerful stones are linked to the sacred apus or mountains around Cusco.

Each chumpi or k'uya is beautifully carved with natural and ancient symbols including lightning, jaguar, serpent, condor, coca leaves, llamas, sun, moon and the Inka cross. The bumps of each chumpi stone represent the apus or holy mountains in the sacred valley. The 3 rings around each apu represent the 3 worlds of existence: upper, middle and lower.

Each medium chumpi stone has a circumference of approximately 3.25 inches. Please note that each set is unique and sizes vary widely. The photo here shows a typical set.

Chumpi Stones - Medium
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